‘Els Fets de Maig’ 1

by kvennarad

Will you come to Barcelona, 
   will you come, will you come. 
Will you bring your ammunition 
   and your gun, and your gun. 
Durruti will be there 
   flying buckets in the air. 
Will you come to Barcelona, 
   will you come. 

(adapted by MM from ‘Will you come to the Mission’, anon.)
My ‘normal’ output of poetry will continue, but from now and during early May I hope to post some poetry to mark the 75th anniversary of the betrayal of the Spanish Revolution. The history is complex, controversial, and has been largely suppressed for many years. In 1936 the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT) spearheaded the world’s first successful experiment in ‘anarcho-syndicalism’ in Catalonia, in tandem with other anarchist movements in the Spanish towns and countryside. For about a year the region thrived, run democratically from the ground upwards by its working people and peasants. However in 1937 there occurred the events which became known in Catalan by the ironical name of els Fets de Maig (the May Day celebrations)…