Take a ten-count for the Blog Tour

by kvennarad

Ten count

Normally I keep this blog for poetry – don’t want it to be a ‘general’ blog – and I don’t go in for these ‘pay it forward’ activities. However, Ina Schroders-Zeeders did me the favour of a mention in a recent ‘Blog Tour’ post, and so I’m going to take a step outside of this blog’s comfort zone. The ‘Blog Tour’ consists of four brief interview questions, and three recommended blogs.

  1. Why do I write what I do? It’s a compulsion, pure and simple.
  2. How does my writing process work? You heard the story about the centipede who was asked how on earth she managed to walk? They found her later, lying on her back, in a ditch, her legs waving feebly in the air.
  3. How does my work differ from other genres? I don’t believe in genres; my poetry and my prose flow freely through each other, and the difference amounts to a permeable membrane. I write YA fiction by the merest accident. The same with my tales of the supernatural.
  4. FMCUH thumbWhat am I working on at the moment? At any one time I have many things on the go. Right now I am getting ready for the publication of From My Cold, Undead Hand, whilst writing the sequel – working title KWIREBOY vs VAMPIRE – and accumulating ideas for the threequel. KWIREBOY vs VAMPIRE begins at a vampire luau on a California beach and ends in the Oval Office; as for the threequel, if anyone has any ideas how a small, cloned race of humans and a small, cloned race of vampires can unite to defeat an alien occupation that has created an apparent utopia, I’d be glad to hear ‘em! Apart from that, and other novels sitting part-written, there’s my co-project for New Orleans ‘parade throws’ . Oh yes, and this weekend my partner on the parade throws asked me, out of the blue and needed ‘yesterday’, to provide a magical-folklore spiel for gifting drums in a Marrakech souk – all part of the Burning Man festival . I’m also getting the next Showcase ready for the zen space – due out on Tuesday…

Recommend three blogs. Totally unfair! If you scroll down you’ll find my blogroll, stuffed full of good links, particularly to artists, authors, and poets. If I nominate three, I have to leave out all the others. Okay, if it has to be done, then today’s pick will be Mari Sanchez Cayuso, Sam Snoek-Brown, and Steven Myers. Tomorrow the list might be different, so do yourselves a favour and spend a while mining that blogroll.

Normal service will now be resumed.