fragment 644

by kvennarad

© Marie Marshall

© Marie Marshall

I have recently read Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman. I hope you will enjoy reading my ‘take’ on it – please click here. Having read and enjoyed the novel in a single sitting (my enjoyment is not, in itself, a value judgment on its literary worth), I remarked to a friend that it had slightly disturbed the equilibrium of American Literature. To Kill A Mockingbird is no longer the 20c stand-alone landmark that it was. There has not been a major upheaval, but rather it’s like a few familiar family portraits are out of alignment on the wall, and we can’t shift all of them back to a true line. Hence the fragment above, today. My article is not quite a review, more of a reaction to the Watchman phenomenon, so expect fewer plot-spoilers than have already appeared elsewhere.