by kvennarad


For a little over four years now I have been posting a daily poetry fragment here. Originally this was part of a project in which several poets were taking part, and I think I am either the only one, or one of a very few, still to be persevering. I feel I am due for a rest. I won’t be abandoning this blog entirely, nor will I be withdrawing from visiting other people’s, but I will be allocating the time I spend on here to other writing projects, not least of all my fifth novel.

I shall still jot down any fragments that occur to me, and no doubt will post them here – your old favourites the dem●n, the Cossack & the Kickapoo, and the random crows are still alive and will pop in, so keep following.

Meanwhile, why not visit my main web site (click on the planet below), where you can find short stories, reviews, etc.; or delve into the archives for this blog, which go back as far as May 2011. There may be poems you haven’t seen before, and I would welcome ‘likes’ and comments.

I shall stay in touch, please do the same. Thank you.