What do you mean by “A retreat from the lyric?”

by kvennarad

I was asked by a friend what I meant by the footnote I have been putting at the bottom of my recent poems. Generally I make it a rule not to explain my poetry, firstly because I think it insults my readers’ intelligence (that’s you!), and secondly because I’m a poet, not an expert in poetics. However, maybe a brief word will help you deal with the direction my poetry has taken.

I can’t sit still, I have to play. Right now I’m doing something that isn’t new – other poets must have done this before, but it’s new to me – inasmuch as I am eliminating “I” from my poems. I am no longer making a deliberate expression from myself, but rather presenting you with language and giving you the opportunity to experience it. I am acknowledging your reading as a vital part of the creative process, perhaps more vital than my initial creation, because your part is ongoing. Read, re-read, and either go with the ideas the words and the poem as a whole gives to you, or supply ideas and bend the language to them. More than that I really can’t add.

No new poem today, However, if you would like to read something different, here is a recent short story of mine – a tale of horror from more than a thousand years ago, when Vikings raid Western Scotland. Please visit, and enjoy.