by kvennarad


It is said that when the prophet
Mohammed, peace be unto him,
first received the revelation from

God, he feared he was going mad,
and it was his wife who reassured
him; also that he cut his sleeve

rather than disturb one sleeping
kitten; you, on the other hand, are
not responsible for the flowers;

“I live in a world of pretty horses,
tanglewoods and tangerines, bells,”
said the girl, a cry of sunshine;

Satan is not called the father of
lies because he is a liar, but because
he cannot lie; he reveals the truth

to us, and in awe of the truth we
can only lie; you, on the other hand,
find yams for blind, and petries;


“Peach, paygold,” moonlight gloss,
swirl of romany gesture, “Chances,
a raw test, persimmon, ambers, a;”

God created evil* in order to free
us, thus every day he suffers the
pains of childbirth; reason is a

good and faithful servant but a
tyrant king; last night a woman
dreamed of Jesus, as she lay on

a grey shore, wooden strakes
that were a boat thrust into the
sand, and she woke up a mother;

the two things are unconnected,
but her life became a posy, briefly,
until her butterfly child fled;

Day 1, an emperor resigns his crown,
gives it to the first man he meets;
Day 2 the crowned revolutionary


walks into air, meets two entities,
one with a blue face, the other with
an elephant’s head, thinks no more;

a wise woman says that when we
pray we bother ourselves and are
deaf to the voice of any deity; a

revolutionary woman refuses to
take a gun that has belonged to her
enemies from the hand of a donor

who kneels before her, saying that
to do so would be to dishonour
her dead comrades, and that the

act of offering shames the donor;
nevertheless the donor continues
to kneel and offer; the revolutionary

woman suffers a nosebleed,
gathering men around her, but
the donor continues to kneel.


* Amos 3:6 “Shall there be evil in a city and the LORD hath not done it?”

jupiterThis poem was started as a project for International Women’s Day 2017, but grew into something else. It is markedly different in tone from my current crop, but it is what it is.