by kvennarad

A theory that involves cats

and carnations becomes part of

natural discourse eventually.

The herd of wild deer disappear

into the woods in the time it

takes you to ready your camera.


She awoke from a dream in which

someone – a sere and sallow man

in a turban – had possessed her

mind, and once she had laid him

low, fearing his hot revenge,

she pushed him through a window;


going outside she found no body,

woke up, slipped back again into

sleep the same dream, and a raw

justice. The swing of a cross-slung

laptop bag; the analogy is to set

up a replica Antikythera machine


with faults eliminated. If buck

plus doe equals deer, cat plus

carnation equals what? The woods

are loose, so beware sere, sallow

rangers. There may be a blue temple

somewhere, its emptiness is a toll.


jupiter©Marie Marshall