by kvennarad

The sky insists that it will wear a

coat even if you don’t; it’s impossible

to fault a sky for this, and it seems

effrontery to ignore such passive-

aggressiveness; that is to say, if it’s

the sky’s only expression at the time.


A bridge is the pique of folk who

won’t get their feet wet, and the moon

looks down on them, in many senses.

“A constellation set in a quincunx is

only a sleight of perspective after all.”

An old man without a hat is prey to


the sun, but only as the untidy acrobat

crows sidle upon roadkill in a quadrille

that mocks courtship display, that kind

of prey, the kind that upsets a child’s

concentration. Rainbows and dragons

feature in an exact equality of legends.


Background hiss is called sky-noise.

Follow a cartoon series long enough,

turning to that page in your favourite

newspaper, and you will see this: the

protagonist, now a solitude of rage, is

drawn crowned with a thundercloud.


jupiter©Marie Marshall, but only so far as it goes.