by kvennarad

‘s.’ – the latest in my current series – is the daily poem over at Angélique Jamail’s excellent blog site, as part of her April Poem-a-day series. Please visit, and please do two ‘likes’, one here and one there, if you do happen to like the poem. Thank you. 🙂

Sappho's Torque

I always want to post a poem in April by Scotland-based Marie Marshall because she does such wonderful and thought-provoking work. She also defies description — as in she literally defies it, which you may glean from her unconventional bio below. Her poetry and poetic style evolve and seek to push formal boundaries. She also writes fiction and posts it at her blog from time to time and has a few books out.

Probably the less I say the better. I think she would appreciate your having the chance to parse out her work for yourself.


Today’s poem

“I was sevened and all
willowed-out, left and
bereft, reeling, punch-

loved; take an honest
hour to tour me; thumb
my spine, read what’s

implied by the rises &
falls, find where scars
crisscross to deviate.”

High over Spitzbergen
it moved from aurora to
real morning, the song
of dying stars…

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