by kvennarad

“You stay and settle me,
..determine my heart, its
..hours, how the lie of my

..land belies the rhythm
..of the tappity-tap made
..by the chalk against my

..board, I word B R E A
..T H L E S S plain there
..for all the world to see.”


..Rogue mist that robs a
..city of its law, the grey
..bridge’s pylons, more
..lands across half-river
..– when the sun burns
..you back, then the raw
..prestige will show, a
..false town, coloured,
..your harlequin deceit.


Bill Blood, your room
-to-room range (ah!) a
couthie nuik to secure,

Grandiloquent sound of
your content, p-piano to
the burthen of the huff

from Mr Unmentioned
by the TV-chair; try as
we may, not remoting!


jupiter©Marie Marshall