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Inundation: Still in love with Veronica!

. When last St Mark’s Square was flooded, you and I stood to our ankles, warm in lapped love, . but now I’m past my neck, exhausted from treading water, calling out to your ghost ‘ to let me in God’s name leave; and as if by miracle your voice, soft, calm, oh so irritating, […]

Another straight-up love thing

She sang to me, all about moonbeams and evening, . and what’s more we danced; the coffee cups rattled applause, their good old brattle – ……….. terpsichore! terpsichore! . Someone wrote our names on paper, folded them together; she burned this, saying that clinched it – . we laughed like a pair of wind-shifted bushes, […]

I don’t write love poems

. . . . . . Yesterday the autumn sun starked your long shadow monumental on my path; I don’t write love poems, but people say, you and I, we’re oil & water. Exactly: you’re the sheen on me. . . . . . . __________ ©Marie Marshall

is how love works for me


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Confessions of an English sushi eater (first kiss/love)

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