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Burning Man portable potty poetry 2*

Tristan Savatier

Burning Man portable potty poetry 2

©Marie Marshall

jupiter*I’m not planning to post all of the BMppp here, just the previous one and this one. It’s mainly throw-away stuff anyway. iPoop image is a detail from a larger photograph by Tristan Savatier.

fragment 643

© Marie Marshall

© Marie Marshall

Please read Veronica’s Rosary, my new poem. Go here to read it.


fragment 627

© Marie Marshall

© Marie Marshall


All about wind and words

© Marie Marshall

© Marie Marshall


fragment 568


© Marie Marshall.  Twitter @MairibheagM

© Marie Marshall.
Twitter @MairibheagM




fragment 567

small stones - fragment 567

© Marie Marshall. Twitter @MairibheagM



fragment 6

The harsh judgment of wind
that dashes the clamour of dreams
into pieces of raw day.

Near the equinox 3

                                          the wind rips through
                                          the tree-urchin’s hair
                                          – day’s wilderness